People4Utah is a community of Utahns from all political persuasions.  We are ready to fight the far-right political establishment that has run Utah for the last 40 years—an establishment that is more concerned with maintaining its power and control than it is with getting things done to benefit all Utahns. We will fight Trump and his weak-kneed apologists in Utah with everything we can…but we cannot do it without you. We need your help!


People4Utah is working to create mechanisms that ensure the real majority of Utahns--men and women who believe in a centrist, pragmatic public policy approach—can be heard. Our end goal is to support and inspire “radical pragmatic problem solving” by Utah’s elected officials on the issues the MAJORITY of Utahs care about.


People4Utah is made up of people from all walks of life who believe that what works best for the majority of Utahns is worth pursuing.  We are not a PAC nor aligned with a singular party or special interest. We are funded by the generosity of our members (join us!) and led by growing a cadre of local leaders willing to put their time and money behind causes all people of Utah care about.



Jan Garbett

Jan Garbett

Jan Garbett, a native of Salt Lake City, graduated from Granite High in South Salt Lake and attended BYU and then the University of Utah where she received a B.A. in English. She and her husband Bryson started Garbett Homes, today 3rd in the nation for building zero-energy ready homes.  She is the co-founder and manager of numerous non-profit foundations dedicated to the health, welfare, and cultural enrichment of people who are both local and spread across the world.

Jan’s 2020 candidacy for Utah governor was rife with frustration, after her centrist, anti-Trump stances hit barrier-after-barrier on the campaign trail. Her experiences led her to join forces with People4Utah, where she is intent on reforming Utah’s political landscape to ensure a wider choice in representative and more responsive political leadership.

Peter Metcalf

Peter Metcalf

Peter R. Metcalf is the founder and former longtime CEO of Black Diamond Equipment – a global leader technical equipment and clothing for mountain sports.  He is credited with having made Utah a hub for outdoor and ski equipment brands, having recruited the Outdoor Retailer tradeshow to the state and then engineering its departure in 2017 over policy differences with its political leadership. 

After six years of service, Mr. Metcalf just termed off the Board of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco’s Salt Lake Office while currently serving on the board of Zions Bank and Brooklyn Boulders a notable chain of climbing gym/social gathering facilities.  He also serves on the Boards of: Conservation Alliance, Outdoor Alliance, the Conservation Lands Foundation, the American Alpine Club as well as acting as an advisor to several Utah-based conservation/environmental Non-Government Organizations

Married, with three grown children, and residing in Park City he ruminates over EB White’s quote of “I awake each day torn between whether I should save or savor the world. It makes setting the days priorities challenging."

Tami Filmore

Tami Filmore

Tami Filmore is a lifelong Utah resident, political activist, and currently holds the position of City Councilwoman for Centreville.  She also currently chairs the South Davis Recreation District and has previously chaired the Centreville City Planning Commission, all the while guiding others—from gubernatorial to mayoral candidates—in realizing their public policy aspirations. She works tirelessly to encourage office-holders at all levels of government to find practical solutions to key issues of interest to Utahns, with a particular focus on smart-growth land use planning, affordable housing, and master planning that will future-proof both the state’s urban and rural areas.  Tami is an honored graduate of the University of Utah who is completing her Masters in Social work.

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